Monday, 17 September 2012

Daily doodle: Aggie from Paranorman

Another set of #dailydoodle 1 minute sketches. Finally saw #Paranorman so this is one of my favourite characters, #Aggie

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Storm warmups

Here a 4 of 16 one minute warmup sketches of Xmen's Storm at different stages of life. From a little girl being shy to a woman scorned.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Gerard from 42 Columbia Ave

Saturday’s story was a small excerpt from the book my mom is writing, I asked her for a SHORT story and she gave me this. 
It was not unusual for Gerard to run around the brick stoops surrounding 42 Columbia Avenue in a diaper. His blonde hair, white from the blazing, hot sun, and black E.J. Korvettes eyeglasses that made him look like a young Barry Goldwater, always seemed too big for his face, were an additional piece to his ensemble that he would wear on those hot, humid summer days in Newark…along with a diaper.  Though he didn’t need the diaper, he was nearly 9 years old - to him, it was better than wearing those stupid, tight bathing suits.
This one was pretty hard, portraying the funny bit at the end. I’m not sure I even came close in succeeding, but I suppose its one step of many to getting better at story telling. 
The inking is a little too clean for me, I used a .005 mm pigment pen and a pentel brush pen. I’d like to some how marry a bit more sketchy-ness along with those nice large sections of black. I don’t know who yet - but thats the goal for now.

Killing Santa

Yesterday’s page was so sketchy that its hard to even read whats going on unfortunately. I think if it were colored it would be easier, but as these are warmups I wanted to spend my time on other larger projects. The concept came from Two Sentence Stories about killing Santa and crossing your name off of the Naughty List.

Dimension Traveling Cats

Today’s idea was taken from a combination of a friends ideas, one said time traveling cats - the other said they went to market, pet a dog toy and were transported to a dog dimension. So here it is! Dimension traveling cats. This one was inked with a black ball point pen. Not the created for filling in large black areas, also not great if you don’t want to stop every couple of minutes to try to shake the cramp out of your hand.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Little Storm

Sorry for the crazy long hiatus I was working on a project that I can’t put up just yet, and then went home for a bit. I’m back now - practicing my layouts and just doing general warm-ups. This is Storm as a girl, and although she is small she still has her immense powers. I’ve always been a far of Storm, not sure why, maybe its because I grew up in a place that always rains, and would rarely get cold enough to have a snow day.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Two Blogs

Hi everyone,

So as I don't have the time to update my website, I'll just update both my blogger/tumblr from a desktop app that I just got. Anyway - working on coloring my first couple of pages for J, for the digital version of Spirit of Hope. So I did a little color sketch exercise. It's kind of take on little red riding hood, but it's as if little red was the hunter and not the wolf.

Wolfgirl wm