Monday, 27 August 2012

Gerard from 42 Columbia Ave

Saturday’s story was a small excerpt from the book my mom is writing, I asked her for a SHORT story and she gave me this. 
It was not unusual for Gerard to run around the brick stoops surrounding 42 Columbia Avenue in a diaper. His blonde hair, white from the blazing, hot sun, and black E.J. Korvettes eyeglasses that made him look like a young Barry Goldwater, always seemed too big for his face, were an additional piece to his ensemble that he would wear on those hot, humid summer days in Newark…along with a diaper.  Though he didn’t need the diaper, he was nearly 9 years old - to him, it was better than wearing those stupid, tight bathing suits.
This one was pretty hard, portraying the funny bit at the end. I’m not sure I even came close in succeeding, but I suppose its one step of many to getting better at story telling. 
The inking is a little too clean for me, I used a .005 mm pigment pen and a pentel brush pen. I’d like to some how marry a bit more sketchy-ness along with those nice large sections of black. I don’t know who yet - but thats the goal for now.

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